Thursday, January 29, 2015

Find The Room Key

Scour SF to win a getaway to Santa Barbara


Somewhere in San Francisco, a room key is hidden. Find it, and you'll win a getaway to Santa Barbara.

Is it stashed in a shadowy alleyway behind a Chinatown tea house? Locked in a cell on Alcatraz? Maybe tucked beneath the boards of Embarcadero Pier?
You know San Francisco like the back of your hand.

So when we tell you we’ve hidden an inspirational getaway to Santa Barbara somewhere in SF, we're sure you're gonna find this room key.
All you have to do? Solve our little mystery. Starting Thursday, November 7, we’ll reveal the first clue on this page and in Rundown on SF’s edition. 
Every week after that, we’ll reveal a new clue until someone finds the hidden key.  

Brush up on your geography, recruit a partner in crime, then check below for your clues:

Clue #1 -  Santa Barbara was one of the original 10 California Missions, the key is located in one of the original 7 hills.

Clue #2 - Just as some of Santa Barbara's best attractions border Highway 101, the key is hidden a block away from San Francisco's urban 101.

Clue #3 - Santa Barbara has over 60 art galleries. The key is hidden a mile south of the cluster of SF galleries on Beach St.

Clue #4 - Santa Barbara hosts the CA Avocado Festival, the Santa Barbara County Vinter’s Festival, and the CA Lemon Festival, but the key is only located in a shop that sells only one of these products.

Key Location - The key was hidden at William Cross Wine Merchants in Russian Hill

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