Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sweet Deal

A new café shakes up your morning routine


Dear Morning Routine,

We can't keep doing this anymore. I've met someone new.

Her name is Terminus. She's half-Parisienne, you know, chic with that certain je ne sais quoi
but hip, too.

We met at the end of the California St. cable car line and it was an instant attraction. It felt like kismet.

She's gorgeous with a long concrete bar and striking walls of walnut and mirrored glass. Plus, she's generous, baking smoking hot coffee cake and organic wholesome pastries. My little muffin.

And man, can that girl pack a lunch. She even slips Cuban sandwiches in my briefcase. I think I’m in love.

After work, we meet for cocktails: the aptly named Metro (rye, whiskey, pastis, and grenadine) for her and a Michter’s Bourbon for me. She really gets me.

I'm meeting her new best friend Trocadero Club next week. 
Did I mention her absinthe parties? They’re insane.

Sorry to do this over email. Are you open to still being friends?

Love always,


Cafe Terminus
16 California (at Drumm), Financial District

Price: 2 (out of 4)
Noise: 1 (out of 4)
Parking: Metered street
Scene: Early-morning customers on their way to work, a lunch time crowd, and happy hour hang-out. 
Best bets: Homemade coffee cake, bread pudding, and muffins; Cuban sandwiches; pastis; Edward Norton Absinthe; the Metro and Citizen's Committee cocktails
Extra details: Dennis Leary and Eric Passetti (Canteen, House of Shields) were inspired by Parisian metro stops, but created this cafe and bar with a sleek modern design and cool concept.
Wayfare Tavern; Prospect; Hog Island Oyster Company

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