Sunday, February 1, 2015

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Chef and TV host Tyler Florence on why you should be cooking with figs


Our unusually high IQs and unusally discerning palates are mutant superpowers we have chosen to use for good thus, your daily morning Rundown on where to eat and what to order with complete confidence.

But when a celeb chef like Tyler Florence (Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race, and owner of
 Wayfare Tavern and El Paseo) swings by the digs, we shut up and let him do the talking.

3 things every guy should know how to cook: "A classic omelet, vinaigrette for salads, and a Bolognese sauce."

Best seasonal ingredients to cook with this autumn: "It’s still warm in San Francisco in the fall, so a cassoulet doesn’t pay out. I love cooking with figs, white Tokyo Cross turnips, and braising off-cuts."

Favorite toy and pastime: "I love tooling around on my Triumph Tiger 800XC from Marin Speed Shop."

Tyler's date night tips:
Step 1 (set the mood)
the perfect cocktail at Wayfare Tavern: "You can’t beat the French Onion martini. We use a 3-part system beginning with a successful gin, rye, or champagne. Add mixers as a second flavor like a chartreuse or St. Germain. Then finally, seasonal ingredients like pumpkin or butternut squash. It’s a bit like matching Garanimals clothes. You mix two elements like a super ripe note with a dynamic flavor."

Step 2 (seduction scene)
what to order at El Paseo: "Veal chop topped with porcini butter and fried sage."

Step 3 (seal the deal) the ideal nightcap: "A glass of Sauvignon Blanc from northern Napa has a warm flavor tripled with fruits and nuts like a ripe mango."

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