Monday, January 26, 2015

Land B4 Time

Booze, meat, and music at Fort Mason


Today's Rundown is brought to you by the letter "B" and the number "4."

Here are some nouns that start with the letter B: Beer, bourbon, bands, and BBQ.

You'll spot all four at the B4 Bash, taking over The Fort Mason Center on Saturday, October 12th.

Pro tip: B ready. 

Six hours of everything you’ve ever wanted to put in your mouth is coming your way, including 21st Amendment, Slow Hand BBQ, Three Twins Ice Cream, and Lost Coast Brewery.

The whole boozy smorgasbord will be set to the sounds of electroclash entrepreneurs BLVD and The Limousines, plus a DJ set by local legend Aaron Axelsen, among a whole slew of artists.
The event is co-presented by the Save The Waves Coalition, a local nonprofit dedicated to preserving coastlines around the world. Which means that every beer you drink helps a beach in need.

And that's as good a cause as any.

B4 Bash
Saturday, October 12
Fort Mason Center, Building D
2 Marina Blvd., The Marina
(415) 345-7500
Tickets: From $85
Nearby: Stock in Trade; Tamashi; Blue Barn Gourmet

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