Saturday, January 31, 2015


Red Sauce Meatballs rolls from Jersey to the Bay


New Jersey. A tricky place. Around one corner, pristine shorelines and pastoral vistas. Around another, Newark.

But on every corner, a delicious American Italian eatery serving meaty classics smothered in sauce.

Such is the inspiration for The Garden State's newest export: Red Sauce Meatballs, a mobile meatballery now parking in SF.

Unlike navigating its proprietor's home state, ordering from this food truck is simple.
1) Choose your balls: classic (blend of veal, pork, and beef) or veggie.
2) Choose your ball prep: with red sauce, with greens, or on an Acme torpedo roll topped with parmesan cheese.

The side is a Jersey favorite, Dirty Potato Chips.

Napkins required, Springsteen worship encouraged.

Just don't dare ask which exit he lived off of.

Red Sauce

Schedule: here

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