Sunday, February 1, 2015


Yes, that's how excited we are about The Sunburst Hotel


The two best things about Napa: the wine and the weather.

The two worst things: the old people and the tourists.

The Sunburst Hotel, now open in Calistoga, provides the perfect solution. It's new enough that the tourists haven't caught on yet, and cool enough to keep you from feeling like you're on vacay with your parents (or the Griswolds).

This intimate, 50-room boutique hotel reminds us of The Ace in Palm Springs...if the Ace sat on top of a geothermal hot spring in the Napa Valley. The Sunburst has that same retro-modern vibe (bright colors, pod chairs, origami-esque light fixtures), but with a pool filled with magic instead of chlorine.

Okay, that might be an oversell.

Still, the mineral water pumped into all the hotel's pools and hot tubs via the geothermic well will make you feel pretty awesome. Especially if you're recovering from a long day of wine tasting.

As for their prophylactic anti-hangover qualities, we'll leave that up to you to determine.

The Sunburst Hotel
1880 Lincoln Ave., Calistoga
(707) 942-0991

Price: From $175/night
Nearby: Solbar; Lava Vine; Brannan's

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