Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Last-Minute Runaway: Burning Man

A San Franciscan's guide to the desert's biggest party


You've scored last-minute tickets and called out of work with the seven-day flu.

Now it's time to finish off the summer by getting down and dusty at one of the world's most epic parties.

Pack your bags for Burning Man with these last-minute resources and get ready to burn.

Rack up costumes at Piedmont Boutique and NY Apparel, stylish steampunk accessories at Gypsy Streetwear and P-KOK, and army-grade gear at the Cal Surplus. You'll be Playa ready in no time, prepared playa.

If your friends' cars are booked and Craigslist Rideshare looks too overwhelming, The Burner Express Shuttle is your next best bet. Running routes from Reno and San Francisco all week long, these coach busses save you rental car cash, haul your gear for an extra fee, and offer a reserved camping section at 6 and G.

If you arrive sans bicycle rack (or a bike), Playa Bike Repair is there for you. Rent, buy, or pay for them to haul your own bike down and easily claim it at their theme camp once you arrive.
Coming empty-handed? Keep an eye out for "Yellow Bikes" (painted green). They're all part of a community bike program and are available at anytime to anyone in need.

Connect your Facebook to Burner Map for a personalized Black Rock map of all your friends' locations for you to print. Once on the Playa, there's also a computerized directory that's searchable by name — so long as your friends have added in their camp info.

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