Saturday, January 31, 2015

'Chino Town

Online clothier Indochino pops up in SF


Oh you, Internet. How you entertain us with your cat videos, social networking, and online shopping. Especially that online shopping.
Sometimes, though, it’s nice to go off the grid.

To that end, premier menswear e-tailer Indochino is bringing its bespoke sartorial mastery into the real world with the Traveling Tailor, now accepting reservations for tomorrow through August 29 just off Union Square.
If you're looking for made-to-measure duds at holycraphowsthissocheap prices, Indochino's your man. Er, store.

More importantly, though, the suits are pretty damn sharp — think Jay Gatsby on extended holiday in modern-day Tokyo.
Here’s how it works: book your appointment here. When you show up, a nice fellow with a tape measure will jot down your sizing needs. The two of you will chat about styles, fabrics, patterns. Phrases like “Australian wool” and “Mongolian cashmere” will be bandied about.
You know, suit stuff.
Then, four weeks later, a mail carrier will deliver a brand-new suit to your door, expertly tailored to fit you like a glove.
A really, really handsome glove.

Traveling Tailor
Wednesday, August 14 thru Thursday, August 29
By appointment only
117 Post St., Union Square
Appointments: Here
Nearby: Golden Gate Bar & Grill; OneUp Restaurant & Lounge; Local Edition

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