Thursday, January 29, 2015

Spendy Spirits

The five most outrageous pours in SF


Leave the Buy-1-Get-1-Free offers to the discount stores and value menus.

Tonight, your happy hour abandons double-fisting for doubling down, as we count down the five most expensive and ridic beverages in all of San Francisco.

Bring your black card. Maybe bring two. 

5. The Abbott's Cellar: 2008 Baladin Xyauyú Barrel
Yes, a beer made our list. But not just any beer. This bottle of barley wine goes down sweet and smooth with notes of vanilla, oak, and dulce de leche. Sip slowly and savor; this baby packs 14% ABV in its 500ml bottle — about the same ounceage as a can of Bud, if not the same price.
$81. 742 Valencia St., The Mission (415-626-8700)

4. Bourbon Steak: Macallan 25 Year
Michael Mina's swanky steakhouse at the Westin St. Francis is known for its respectable list of brown liquor. Our pick: the Macallan 25 year, a cool $140 a shot. Cooler if this round's on your corporate card, of course.
$140. 335 Powell St., Union Square (415-397-3003)

3. Larry Flynt's Hustler Club: Centurion
Strip clubs are notorious for finding glorious ways to bleed your bank account. Case in point: the Centurion, a mix of Louis XIII and Grand Marnier 150 Year which will set you back four Benjamins before you even enter the champagne room.
$400. 1031 Kearny St., FiDi (415-434-1301)

2. Starlight Room: Drinking the Stars
This 1.5-liter concoction is the most expensive cocktail in SF. Why so pricey? It's made with 1979 Chateau de Ravignan Bas Armagnac brandy infused with Madagascar vanilla bean, orange peel, and raisins, which serves four people. Uh huh, thaaaat's why.
$735. 450 Powell St., 21st Floor, Union Square (415-395-8595)

1. Penthouse Club: Dom Perignon Methuselah
What could possibly top SF's most expensive cocktail? How 'bout a 6-liter magnum of Dom Perignon at — you guessed it — another strip club. This bottle is a $21,000 guarantee that you'll feel like a boss for the night, then hate yourself in the morning.
$21,000. 412 Broadway, North Beach (415-391-2800)

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