Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dude Day Afternoon

SF’s top 5 outings for bromance


Wine country getaways and pop-up dinners for two are great.

But sometimes you need your guy time — a.k.a. bro-ing out.

We've narrowed down every dude-approved activity in the city to a man-tastic top 5. Enjoy your gossip-less afternoons, gentlemen. (Sports gossip doesn't count, right?)

5. Meat and whiskey at Southpaw BBQ
A Mission Street eatery where classics like buttermilk fried chicken coexist in harmony with smoked pulled goat and pan-fried catfish.
Bro tip: the Bay Area Whiskey Flight (Cyrus Noble, Breaking & Entering, Moylan’s Rye) pairs well with just about anything.
2170 Mission St., The Mission (415-934-9300)
4. Berlin style ping-pong with American Tripps
Basically regular ’pong on steroids. A roomful of sweaty strangers relays the paddles in a constantly-revolving maelstrom of beer-soaked greatness.
Bro tip: The location changes all the time, but Verdi Club frequently hosts.
Multiple locations
3. Kayak to and hike on Angel Island
Turns out the Bay is actually a giant, briny playground. Snag a rental from City Kayak and paddle out to Angel Island for a day of killer hiking.
Bro tip: Mt. Livermore boasts some of the best panoramic views in the region.
40 Pier #13, South Beach (415-294-1050)

2. Tour and tasting at Speakeasy Brewery
Consistently brewing some of the best offerings in the craft beer market, Speakeasy’s on-site tap room features 12 spigots of their signature frothy goodness.
Bro tip: It’s in Bayview, but the T line is surprisingly not terrible.
1195 Evans Ave., Bayview (415-642-3371)

1. AT&T Park Like a Playa
With the Giants floundering, you need to find a new way to keep things interesting. Skip the traffic and take Tideline Water Taxi to the Giants' home turf, where a pair of Premier Field Club seats awaits right behind home plate.
Bro tip: After the game, complete the perfect gameday with confit frog leg sliders at the Twenty Five Lusk lounge during their freshly-launched happy hour.
Premier Field Club seats from $230. 24 Willie Mays Plaza, South Beach (415-972-2000)

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