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SF's top five juiciest slabs under $30


You want steak but you aren't feeling spendy.

Now before you go and do something crazy — like order some gray piece of meat at a diner — look no further than these five better-tasting alternatives.

These restaurants not only serve the city's top 5 steaks under $30, they also rock killer bars where you'll want to linger long after your meal.

Because nothing goes better after a delicious cut of beef than a well-poured Old Fashioned.

5. Chambers Eat + Drink: Zabuton Steak
The sign above the bar begs you to "Be Amazing." But we think it's amazing that this Japanese cut of American Kobe comes not only with veggie sides, but also with black pepper gnocchi and a rich veal demi glace.
$29. 601 Eddy St., The Tenderloin (415-829-2316)

4. Foreign Cinema: Grilled Kobe-Style Bavette
Shocked to see Kobe-style beef on this list? Well, that's one more reason to sink your teeth in to this delicate dish, served with rustic sides of fingerlings, escarole, spring onions, and romesco.
$29. 2534 Mission St., The Mission (415-648-7600)

3. Burritt Tavern: Teres Major "Tavern Steak"
This seldom-seen cut is second only to the filet mignon in tenderness in taste. Served with sides of rich collard greens, piquillo peppers, and onion rings, this plate is a winner in quality and in the bang-for-your-buck department.
$27. 417 Stockton St., Union Square (415-400-0500)

2. Absinthe Brasserie & Bar: 7-oz Grilled Black Angus Bistro Filet
You're totally going to want to muck up the chef's careful presentation on this one. Served with worcestershire jus and sour cream and leek whipped potatoes, this $28 shoulder cut tastes best when you make a mess of your plate.
$28. 398 Hayes St., Hayes Valley (415-551-1590)

1. Lolinda: Bife de Chorizo (pictured)
This super-sexy Mission steakhouse serves up a spectacular value with its 14-oz Bife de Chorizo cooked in a wood-fired asador. Need a translator? It's a generous New York steak, grilled and served on a rustic wood cutting board with roasted tomatoes and chimichurri.
$29. 518 Mission St., The Mission (415-550-6970)

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