Friday, January 30, 2015

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Conchords’ Arj Barker Comes to Cobb’s


There’s lots of places you can’t go back to. Childhood. The glorious days when dodo birds roamed the earth. Circuit City.

It’s even been said that you can’t go home again, but fortunately that’s not stopping comedian Arj Barker from returning to his Bay Area homeland for a string of shows at Cobb’s Comedy Club starting August 15th.

The Marin County native has spent the past few years in Australia — just a hop, skip, and a jump from the New Zealand of HBO’s phenomenal Flight of the Conchords, co-starring Barker as the deadpan pawn shop owner Dave — but this summer he’ll be hitting up four North American cities, including six shows over four nights in SF.
But down to brass tacks: Barker’s a regular on the late-night circuit (including The Tonight Show), and he's done two separate Comedy Central Presents specials.

On a given day you’ll hear him cover everything from pirates and gay marriage to the fiscal imprudence of hiding razor blades in Halloween candy — all delivered with his trademark poker-faced bluster.

We Bay Areans do love a good poker-faced bluster.

Arj Barker at Cobb’s Comedy Club
Thursday-Sunday, August 15-18
Showtimes vary nightly
915 Columbus Ave., North Beach
(415) 928-4320
Tickets: $20 here
Nearby: Capo's; Tony Nik's; Park Tavern

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