Sunday, January 25, 2015

Monday Funday

Bar Tartine's all-day picnic is worth risking your boss' ire


You made a mistake today.

You went to work.

You're here, and you're not at Bar Tartine's all-day, all-night picnic today from 11a-10p.

Life is about spontaneity. It's about reading this email, and then emailing your boss that something has come up. Perhaps it's a summer stomach bug. Perhaps it's your dog, who also has a summer stomach bug. Either way, you're escaping.

And then you're reserving your meal, a three-piece feast of sausage sandwich, corn, and watermelon all for just $10. We know sneaking out of work can be tricky, but no problem: your meal will be there no matter what time you arrive.

The raffle prizes will be there, too, including a trio of $700 high-class SWAG picnic baskets packed with gift certificates to SPQR, a Jawbone Jambox wireless speaker, plus bread (from Tartine, duh) and wine.

Mixed drinks are being served on the cheap. So that three-martini lunch just got even less expensive.

We suggest offering to "work" from home once you feel better. It's the responsible thing to do.

Picnic! at Bar Tartine
Monday, July 22
561 Valencia St., The Mission
(415) 487-1600

Tickets: $7-10 here
Write this off: Proceeds benefit the Conducive Education Center of San Francisco's six week summer camp for kids with disabilities.
Nearby: Blondies'; Locanda; The Monk's Kettle

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