Friday, January 30, 2015

Vino Victory

Say hello to Fig & Thistle, your new rustic home away from home


It’s a leisurely Sunday afternoon.

Your lady's reading an L.L. Bean catalog. You're sipping a Boulevard’s Sixth Glass quadruple ale. There are 20-some people in your apartment, and they're all having a great time.

Except, maybe the 10.5% ABV quadruple ale confused you. This isn't your place, it's life at Fig & Thistle.

This apartment-turned-therapist’s office-turned-wine bar is done up in lumberjack-chic -- imagine a redwood bar with an American flag draped over a distressed bunkbed/booth.

You know, like most apartment-turned-therapist’s office-turned-wine bars you've seen.
The food isn't quite as Ron Swansony. We're talking charcuterie served alongside local fruits and chesses served on Martha Stewart-approved cutting boards. The kind of thing you'd want to share with a bunkbed/booth companion over a bottle of Field Recording's Chenin Blanc.
About that wine list: There are no extraneous imports, only the best Sonoma County reds and Napa Valley whites. Beers and a single champagne cocktail with a sugar cube and bitters are on the chalkboard menu.

Because choices, like wine, are complicated, and this bar does everything it can to bring things back to a simpler time, when rustic wasn't a trend but a lifestyle.
And where therapy was achieved on a stool with a glass and a friend.

Fig & Thistle
313 Ivy St. (at Gough St.), Hayes Valley
(256) 651-9903

Price: 2 (out of 4)
Noise: 2 (out of 4)
Scene: Any gathering suited for a small apartment translates well here, with better wine
Best bets: As the sigh on the sidewalk suggests wine and beer are the best and only bets
Nearby: Smuggler's Cove; Nojo; Absinthe 

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