Monday, January 26, 2015


The SF-based luggage brand's new, retro-inspired collection


There's no nice way to say it.

Your gym bag stinks. Literally.

It's not your fault. All fingers point towards the running shoes that have been living inside since your last Team In Training session.

Allow us to turn you on to a new option: Timbuk2's new California Collection, online and in stores today.

The collection of five new bags brings back the classic logo and styling that gave the brand its start 24 years ago, while reimagining those designs for today's tech-obsessed lifestyle.

Take the Telegraph Pack, for example. Replacing your current ratty-smelling gym accessory, this bad boy works three ways: 1) Yoga Girl will admire your sense of style, 2) Yoga Girl might temporarily forget your pathetic attempts at Warrior One, 3) You'll now tote your laptop and water bottle with ease.

Equally amazing: the internal organizer means no more searching for your gym's swipecard in a bottomless pit of a bag.

The entire collection is built in super-durable nylon and priced at less than $90. Which means it will likely last you another 24 years.

Just don't leave your shoes in there for three months like last time.

Timbuk2's California Collection

Price and availability: $49-$89, swing by the mothership at 506 Haynes Street or find a store here.

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