Friday, January 30, 2015

Alotta Robata

Business lunches and lost weekends await at Roka Akor


There are two sides to San Francisco: the bright and sunny, collared-shirted, tourist-friendly Tony Bennett side, and the mysterious and foggy, tattooed, hard-partying Metallica side.

Roka Akor is like that too.

Slated to open tomorrow, this two-story space offers two completely different experiences. 

Suggest a working lunch in the sunny main floor dining room, where floor-to-ceiling views of the street compete with views of your lamb cutlets with Korean spices cooking on California's largest robata grill (yes, that's the 20-foot rectangle Brazillian granite with the fire shooting out of it).

If you have a boring boss, the dual views ensure that you'll have plenty of distractions should you want to put your brain on autopilot. But if you have a fun boss the kind who suggests you blow off the afternoon you know just the place.

Lead him past the concrete bamboo forest and downstairs to a windowless whiskey bar with barkeeps trading the now ubiquitous bowtie for a neat apron, and vintage Rolling Stones standards providing the soundtrack.

Grab a seat at the L-shaped walnut bar and order a pour of Japanese whiskey (Ichiro is always a solid bet) to get you started. Then order another. But beware: this is the kind of place where time and booze disappears.

The moment of truth will come with the bill; time to find out exactly how cool your boss really is.

Roka Akor
801 Montgomery St. (at Jackson), FiDi

Parking: Metered street
Nearby: Cotogna; Comstock Saloon; Kokkari

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