Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Spirited Showmanship

Fort Mason's Craft Spirits Carnival is a circus of booze


There's something to be said for comfortable, familiar routine. It smacks of tradition.
Every now and then, though, it’s important to put yourself out there, shake things up, and discover something new.
We’re talking, of course, about fire-breathing bartenders.
We’re also talking about the insane variety of drinks those bartenders can whip up. Come tomorrow, enter this vast world of small-batch liquors during the Craft Spirits Carnival, coming to the Fort Mason Center.
With exhibitors headlined by Templeton Rye, Herradura Tequila, and Crystal Head Vodka (as well as more mescal and grappa than anyone could ever get through), the festival is a cornucopia of all things potable and inebriating.

Admission includes unlimited tastings, so feel free to sample to your heart’s — or liver’s — content.
Meanwhile, edgy carnival performances (think P. T. Barnum meets Moulin Rouge) provide entertainment for those who might need a breather from sampling the wares.
Nothing sobers you up like clowns dancing the can-can.

Craft Spirits Carnival
Saturday & Sunday, June 15 & 16
Fort Mason Center
Marina Blvd. and Laguna St., the Marina
(415) 345-7500
Tickets: $100 and up here
Nearby: The Brick Yard;The Brazen Head; Tacolicious

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