Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Update

SNL alum John Mulaney comes to Cobb’s


There’s a long, proud tradition in this country of Thursday night being the not-always-unofficial ramp-up to the weekend.

And science has proven again and again that there’s nothing better than a former SNL writer and a two-drink minimum to start any weekend on the right foot.
To that end, you probably ought to check out John Mulaney — you know, co-creator of Stefon at Cobb’s May 2nd through the 4th. That's Thursday night live to Saturday night, a day Mulaney clearly has on lockdown.
As you may have seen on Comedy Central Presents, Mulaney’s self-deprecating vignettes and pop culture riffs cover a diverse topics ranging from Catholic school to (our favorite) the obliviousness of Ice-T on Law & Order: SVU.
Although Mulaney’s rolling into town on Thursday, he’s also doing two shows each on Friday and Saturday night, so if you’re in the mood to make this event the focal point of your weekend, that’s an option, too.
Just make certain that your Cinco de Mayo plans don’t get lost in the shuffle.

John Mulaney at Cobb’s Comedy Club
May 2–4
915 Columbus Ave., North Beach
(415) 928-4320
Tickets: $25
It’s a go: Mulaney’s Lorne Michaels-produced sitcom just got green-lit by NBC, which may or may not have something to do with this tour.
Nearby: Kennedy’s; Naked Lunch; Capo’s

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