Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Love Me Tender

Bitters, Bock, and Rye brings BBQ and house brew to the Tenderloin


Ah, the Tenderloin.

Gritty, yes. But where else can you have a 1am conversation about the finer points of malt liquor with the guy in front of you at the corner store?

And now, there's a new reason to explore this slowly improving neighborhood: Bitters, Bock, and Rye, now open on the corner of Polk and Post.

It's a brand new brewpub with all the necessary requisites of an upscale downtown watering hole.

Dark, Barbary Coast-style atmosphere? Check. Full bar serving fancypants cocktails? CheckA coming-soon house brew program and an IPA Burger topped with bacon onion marmalade? Most definitely.

What truly sets this place apart is its full kitchen, which serves up fried pickles with aioli, pulled pork sandwiches, and three different versions of mac 'n' cheese made with cheddar, parmesan, and goat cheeses.

The perfect prelude to another American Julep (Wild Turkey American Honey, mint, lime, soda)... or a 40 from the corner store.

Either way, you'll be keepin' it classy.

Bitters, Bock, and Rye
1122 Polk St. (at Post), The Tenderloin

Price: 2 (out of 4)
Parking: Snag a street spot, or hit the lot on Hemlock where you can safely leave your car overnight.
Best bets: IPA Burger; Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich; American Julep; Three Mac + Cheese
Nearby: Rye; Blur; Fly Bar

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