Sunday, February 1, 2015

Crunch and Munch

Blow off steam with these tax-time relief specials


Sorting through crumpled receipts and credit card bills sucks.

So it's no wonder most people wait until the last minute to turn in their homework to Uncle Sam. Here are four food-and-booze-infused tax relief schedules to help ease your taxtime headache.

Presidio Social Club's Taxtime Twofer
How is it that you actually owe money this year? While Presidio Social Club can't put the cash back in your pocket, they can lessen the stress on your wallet. Grab a seat at the bar or back deck and drown your sorrows with two-for-$15 house cocktails. Then treat yourself to a steak dinner, also for just $15.
Thru Apr 15. 563 Ruger St., The Presidio (415-885-1888)

Take A Breather At Le P'tit Laurent
Your eyes are crossing after a day spent organizing your expenses in Excel spreadsheets. Good on you for getting organized. You deserve the two-course tax time prix fixe (hello, six-hour-braised lamb shank!) at Le P'tit Laurent in Glen Park priced at an ultra-friendly $20.13. Still hungry? Add dessert for just $2.13 extra.
Thru Apr 15. 699 Chenery St., Glen Park (415-334-3235)

Blue Plate Specials at Luella
Just because you can write off dinner with a colleague doesn't mean you'll want to drop a lot of cash. Suggest the always classy Luella and enjoy their new nightly blue plate specials, which include a $20 pork bacon meatloaf on Tuesdays.
1896 Hyde St., Russian Hill (415-674-4343)

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