Sunday, January 25, 2015

This Is a Comedy Show

Catch Demetri Martin at Cobb's tonight


Two reasons why going out on a Tuesday is a good idea:

1) You've already worked enough to need a break. (Weekend? What weekend?)

2) If you play your cards right, you won't screw yourself for the rest of the week.

This Tuesday's move: catching Demetri Martin on tour at Cobb's tonight.

What you might not know about the stand-up with the awe-inspiring bowl cut is that he's also a bit of a doodler. In fact, he's been so prolific with his drawings that he's decided to pair them with his signature one-liners and publish them as a book. Hence the tour.

Two showtimes make it easy to decide what kind of night you want to have -- the early kind where live comedy replaces TiVoed fare at 7:30p, or the kind where the 10p show kicks off the kind of mid-week night out you tell stories about for years to come. 

Just beware any desire to copy said bowl cut. He's a professional.

Demetri Martin at Cobb's Comedy Club
Tuesday, March 26
7:30p & 10p
915 Columbus Ave., North Beach
(415) 928-4320

Tickets: $35 here
Nearby: Park Tavern; Bottle Cap; Joe's

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