Friday, January 30, 2015

Tengo Hombres

Padrecito offers a manly take on Mamacita-style Mexican


Mamacita has a big brother.

His name is Padrecito, he lives in Cole Valley, and, being a holy man (the name translates to little priest), he won't beat you up for hanging out with his little sis all this time.

Of course, you'd expect some shared characteristics between family members. And while both offer farm-fresh taqueria fare beside a killer cocktail menu, the similarities end there.

You see, the Padre has a darker side. And he definitely did not give up eating meat for Lent.

Round up your hombres and combat your hambre with pairs of fresh housemade tortillas filled with braised bacon and smashed pinto beans, or crisp chilaquiles topped with pork belly at this Cole Valley cantina.

Oh yes, this is indeed also a bar. And a great one at that.

Give in to temptation and try multiple cocktails on this well-rounded menu. While the drinks are mostly grounded in agave (their signature margy includes both blanco tequila and mezcal), brown liquor fans don't have to deviate. Nor should they, with delicious-but-deadly Dia De Los Muertos, a blend of Scotch, herbal liqueur, and fortified wine.

Throw it all together, and your tastebuds will be in heaven, even if your diet has gone to hell.

No matter. You can always repent tomorrow.

901 Cole St. (at Carl), Cole Valley
(415) 742-5505

Price: 1 (out of 4)
Parking: Street
Hot seat: The plush booths in the main dining area are hard to pass up... or give up. 
Nearby: Ice Cream Bar; BurgerMeister; Magnolia Brewing Co.

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