Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Whiskey on the Water

Charles Phan's new whiskey bar Hard Water, by the numbers


In a city where the wind rattles your bones year-round, we have more than enough excuses to warm up with a glass of palate-tingling bourbon.

And now we have one more: Hard Water, the new waterfront American whiskey bar from the man who brought us the legendary Slanted Door, slated to officially open Thursday. Here are some hard numbers on how it stacks up.

0: Tables inside this joint. Sit at the horseshoe-shaped bar and ogle the backlit bottles of collector's bourbons displayed in a stunning metal & glass case.

1: The number of reclaimed buoys chopped in half and repurposed as light fixtures.

2: How many Southern-inspired restaurants C-Phan has opened within as many weeks, with mouthwatering menu options including cornmeal-crusted alligator with jalapeño rillade, and fried chicken with pepper jelly. Also, cheese grits.

More than 150: The number of fancy shmancy whiskies to tipple until tipsy, including pours from Hard Water's private barrel of Buffalo Trace Weller 107 proof.

5: How many Dixie Cocktails (Bourbon, gum syrup, curacao, Angostura bitters, crème de menthe) you may ingest before deciding that your faux-Nawlins drawl is convincing enough to try on the cute girls sitting across from you. Whether this is, in fact, a great idea depends on the following mathematical formula: (# of Treme episodes watched x acting experience)/state of origin = degree of success

Hard Water
Pier 3, FiDi/TheEmbarcadero

Parking: Metered street, or lots on Embarcadero
Hot Seat: The main bar, unless you take issue with people ordering drinks over your shoulder.
Nearby: La Mar; The Plant Cafe Organic; Osha Thai

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