Thursday, January 29, 2015


Three evenings, three totally different experiences at SFJAZZ


You've enjoyed peering into the cultural fishbowl that is the new SFJAZZ Center.

Now to walk through those gorgeous glass doors. Here are three excuses to do it.

Hunter S. Thompon's The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent and Depraved
Oscar-winner Tim Robbins narrates guitarist and Resident Artistic Director Bill Frisell's take on Thompson's seminal sports piece. The experience feels like a radio play; think Garrison Keillor hopped up on Benzos and bourbon.
Members only: Fri Apr 20. Public performances: Sat April 21. $35-80.

South at SFJAZZ
Meet your date to sip a bourbon-y Battle Of New Orleans cocktail and snack on spicy beef jerky on your way to a performance, or on your way home. The sunlight pours in through the floor-to-ceiling windows in the early evening, making the 20-seat bar feel warm and springy. Even when it's 52 degrees and windy outside.
Currently walk-in only. Online reservations begin Wed March 13.

Béla Fleck Residency: Solo Banjo
Don't expect the infamous banjo tune from Deliverance. The Grammy-winning virtuoso takes the instrument on a trip around the world from West Africa to Appalaccia, bending genres as he goes. Best to leave that plaid shirt at home for this one.
Thu-Sun May 16-19. $25-65.

201 Franklin St. (at Fell), Hayes Valley
(866) 920-5299

Calendar of events: here

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