Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fancy Ferniture

A truly green conversation piece for your living room


That flasher terrarium you got for Christmas is rad.

So rad, in fact, that you're wishing it was 20 times bigger and covered in glass so you can put your feet up on it.

Thanks to The Living Table from Habitat Horticulture, now you can.

The SF design firm has built an ultra-modern, customizable coffee table which showcases an indoor garden of succulents or ferns (your choice).

In walnut, maple, or a host of colors, this sturdy piece is built using tempered glass that can withstand 180lb per square foot. So you don't have to have a heart attack if your former frat bro drunkenly decides to sit on it.

And unlike that ironic Chia pet you had a couple years ago, you are not going to kill it. Your patch of green only needs to be watered once a month at most, ensuring that you won't suddenly come home to find a giant square of straw in the middle of your living room.

Now if only you could find another relationship that was similarly low maintenance.

The Living Table

Price: $950-1200 here

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