Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pack Heat

A kickass theft-proof bike light


It's friggin' dark outside during your ride home.

And with thieves swiping bike lights faster than you can say "night vision goggles," forgetting to pop your light in your backpack could mean getting left in the dark.

Stay bright (and safe) with a waterproof, theft-proof bike light from Gotham Bicycle Defense Industries, available at Market Street Cycles.

Like Gilbert Melendez, this $65, six-shooter-inspired light doesn't rely solely on its tough guy looks for defense. It uses a dual wrench system; one to lock to your bike, and one that locks up your batteries (just like the locking skewers you've got on your bike wheels) that makes it impossible for thieves to steal.

And with six LEDs to light your way, you can cruise with ease down the darkest SoMa alleys.

Now if only they could figure something out for your laptop.

The Defender Bike Light 
$65; available at Market Street Cycles
1592 Market St. (Page St.), Hayes Valley (415-255-2453)

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