Thursday, January 29, 2015

America's Choice

The Best of 2012


In these final days of 2012/the world, you may be tempted to retreat into the comforts of tradition. That's silly.

Instead, look back at all the wonderful, life-changing gizmos and gear Rundown on USA turned you on to this year.

5. The Marshall Fridge
Rock and roll is dead. But when you're sit around discussing its demise, you're going to need beers. House them in a fridge celebrating one of the all-time great rock artifacts.

4. Tweet-a-Beer
There are always nights where one regrets being unable to be two places at once. Thanks to Tweet-a-Beer, your generosity and good manners can be.

3. The Cooperativ Air Cans
Forget Skype. The best cure for homesickness won't come by way of pixel or postcard, but a deep breath of the smells and molecules that make your hometown home. Available for New York, Singapore, Paris, and Berlin.

2. The Nomiku
The magic of sous vide, brought to you by Japanese technology. Pre-order one of these bad boys today, and you'll feel like having steak every night. 

1. The Jetovator
Waterskiing? Too summer camp. Windsurfing? Murder on the lats. Jetovating? You mean riding on a waterbike that freaking flies? Exactly what you need.

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