Sunday, January 25, 2015

Use Your Noodle

Martin Yan carves out a space under the Dome


Holiday shopping sucks.

It might suck a lot less if you could take a break with a steaming hot bowl of beef hand-pulled noodle soup crafted by a master.

On your next trip to Westfield Centre, stop into M.Y. China, now open for lunch under The Dome. (They're scheduled to open for dinner starting early next week.)

We have no idea how the Yan Can Cook guy carved out 7,000 square feet of space in the middle of SF's biggest mall, but this guy seems to be able to make pretty much anything happen.

Case in point: the 1,800-pound bell that serves as the restaurant's centerpiece. It came from China, where it was too heavy to be brought to the top of a three-story monastery. Leave it to Martin Yan to fly it across an ocean and hang it in his fourth-floor restaurant. (Okay, maybe we're oversimplifying, but you get our drift).

Equally amazing: the fact that he brought in world-champion noodle puller Yong Dong Wu (you can call him Tony) to chef the joint.

Grab a seat at the bar looking into the open kitchen and let him hypnotize you with flying arcs of dough as you slurp your soup.

It's exactly the break you needed after a long day of battling the crowds and credit card debt.

M.Y. China
845 Market St., Fourth Floor of Westfield Shopping Centre
(415) 580-3001

Price: 2 (out of 4)
Parking: Fifth and Mission Garage
Hot Seat: At the bar near the open kitchen 
Cuisine: Authentic Chinese. We can't wait to try the Tea Smoked Pork Belly Sliders, Squid Ink Noodles, and Spicy Seafood Dumplings
It's M-Y China: As in "Martin Yan," not the word "my."
Nearby: Cupola; La Boulange; Lark Creek Steak

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