Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fresh Tracks

Hit the backcountry at Sierra-at-Tahoe


We've already got snow falling on Lake Tahoe, and the village elders are whispering that this is going to be an epic season.

One way to make it even more epic: Sierra-at-Tahoe's new backcountry snowcat tours.

Just know: this is serious. From the get-go, your four-hour guided tour of Huckleberry Canyon's cliff drops and cornices begins with a crash course in avalanche safety.

As in, moving mountains, not the Usher song.

The good news is once school's out, you'll hit the slopes, shooting down rock chutes and showcasing your skills in impossibly open bowls.

The best part might be the $79 price tag, a way better deal than spending another powder day on a skied-out groomer.

Because this experts-only experience isn't for that guy who skis in jeans.

And that indy grab you've spent years perfecting deserves showing off.

Sierra-At-Tahoe's Backcountry Snowcat Tours
1111 Sierra At Tahoe Road, Twin Bridges
(530) 659-7453

Price: $79 (includes lunch). Call x284 to reserve. 

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