Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Marty McFly in McCovey Cove

You've seen it floating around, now you can hitch a ride


Some childhood movie myths -- like flying umbrellas -- should not be tested.

Others, like Marty McFly's time-traveling Delorean, are destined to be built upon.

Enter the Delorean Hovercraft, now testing its flux capacitor just in time for playoff season in McCovey Cove.

This fiberglass and styofoam floating sculpture is the brainchild of construction worker/crab fisherman/artist Doc Matthew Riese, who has spent close to five years building it for the best reason possible: he friggin' felt like it.

If you missed its inaugural voyages in McCovey Cove during Giants games, you can, ahem, go back to the future and see this automotive awesomeness is evolving to hover on land thanks to its recently funded Kickstarter.

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(get it? D. Lorean?) for updates, and note the lack of a passenger riding shotgun. Sounds like Matt might consider taking you for a noisy, wet ride once he's finished ferrying his Kickstarter benefactors around.

Yes, some childhood dreams do come true. 

Delorean Hovercraft

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