Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Alcoholic Alchemy

Racer 5 IPA becomes R5 whiskey this Cocktail Week


Men have been trying to turn random crap into gold with limited success since the beginning of time (see: King Midas, and The Killers' last two albums).

Turns out turning beer into whiskey is much easier. Which is why it's happening this Wednesday of Cocktail Week with the debut of R5 Whiskey at Bourbon and Branch.

Essentially, Healdsburg-based Charbay Spirits has taken something good (bottle-ready Racer 5 IPA) and morphed it into something better (Charbay R5 Whiskey).

And you get to taste the evolution.

You'll start with an ice-cold pour of Racer 5, then move on to R5 Clear Whiskey. Its lack of color comes from the fact that it's aged in stainless steel.

Which is a sharp contrast to pour number three: R5 Aged Whiskey. This bad boy spends 22 months inside a French Oak barrel, adding clear notes of fruit and malt.

Sip at your own risk; the R5 Aged is 99 proof.

Not quite the golden ratio, but golden for a pre-game.

The Story of R5 With Charbay at Bourbon & Branch
Wednesday, September 19
501 Jones St. (at O'Farrell), The Tenderloin
(415) 346-1735

Tickets: $25 here
Double book: Head to Tradition afterwards for Best of the West, a cocktail competition pitting Jasper's Corner Tap's Kevin Deidrich against great barkeeps from around the country.
Full Cocktail Week schedule: here
Nearby: Jasper's Corner Tap; AQ; Monarch

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