Sunday, January 25, 2015

Two Chefs, One Dinner

Two one-of-a-kind dinners await adventurous eaters


While the Seattle Robinson Canos finish up spring training, two world-class chefs are getting a head start on doubleheader season.

Le Petit Cochon Offal Dinner
The first dinner comes from chef Derek Ronspies, who celebrates every part of the animal. His recently-opened (and celebrated) Le Petit Cochon already has some unusual offerings on the menu, but he'll be kicking it up a notch tomorrow night with the first in a series of offal dinners.

Offal, for the uninformed, is the internal organs and entrails of the animal, aka not the stuff you usually eat. But Ronspies is a master butcher, and you can expect lamb fries and blood sausage biscuits to be highlights in this seven-course meal.

After which, cue the seventh-inning stretch. After all that meat, you're going to want something to cleanse the palate.

Tilth Raw Dinner
Closing things out is Tilth's chef Maria Hines, a strong proponent of the raw food movement, believing that cooking strips nutrition and flavor from food. Usually her restaurant doesn't follow suit, but on April 2nd she's hosting a raw dinner featuring six courses, wine pairings, and a discussion of the techniques and philosophies behind it.

No, this won't be six plates of salad. The menu features a black Mission fig carpaccio, tabouli with pounded dinosaur kale, and a chocolate-hazelnut gianduja for dessert.

Stuff you probably won't find at Safeco Field.

Le Petit Cochon Offal Dinner
Tuesday, March 25th 7p
701 N. 36th Street, Fremont
(206) 829-8943
Price: $69-99, call for reservations

Tilth Raw Dinner
Wednesday, April 2, 6p
1411 N 45th St, Wallingford
(206) 633-0801
Price: $95-140, call for reservations

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