Monday, January 26, 2015

Show Girls

The must-hit shows of the Moisture Festival


Hard to believe, but there was entertainment before we were all binging on House of Cards just to make time for Game of Thrones.

Specifically, entertainment on stages. With real people. Barely dressed. Flexible, too.

Since 2004, the Moisture Festival has brought the lost arts of varietè back to the mainstream, setting up sultry, diverse acts that each get less than 15 minutes of stage time.

As Seattle enters its three weeks of high-flying shenanigans, you have your pick of high wire artists, can-can girls, contortionists, and more. 

Some of this year's most-ballyhooed acts include incredible trapeze couple Duo Rose, who fuse multiple disciplines into an aerial ballet like nothing you've ever seen; gorgeous blonde burlesque girl Inga Ingenue; and comedic cabaret legend Frank Oliver.

Other special events mix things up a bit, with the Seattle premiere of the kitschy action flick Burlesque Assassins (promising boatloads of "carnage and cleavage") on April 10th a must-hit.

Might as well see the real thing before Netflix adapts it, right?

Moisture Festival
Through April 13th
Various Locations
(206) 297-1405

Price: $20 per show here

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