Monday, January 26, 2015

Instant Gratification

Gratafy lets you give the gift of food whenever and wherever


Welcome to chivalry in the 21st century.

Now you can pick up the tab even when you can't make it to the bar, with the newly-launched Gratafy app.

Gratafy allows you to instantly buy food and drinks at some of the city's best bars and restaurants from a remote location. Participants already include Golden Beetle, Le Zinc, How To Cook A Wolf, and dozens more.

Using the free app, you simply select menu items you want to deliver, then the lucky gift recipient (either by phone number or Facebook).

The cost is debited from your account and the recipient is instantly notified. And instantly grateful.

When it's time to pay the bill, the recipient just opens the app and shows the server the gift code. It's that easy.

And if you're picking up a round wherever you are, you're now the generous hero at two (or more) bars at once.

The internet of things, indeed.


Price: Free; available on iTunes or Google Play

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