Sunday, January 25, 2015

Connect the Dots

Little Dot's grows into a full-service restaurant


Across the street from the iconic Paseo, Fremont's secret sandwich spot flew under the radar for a while.

Life was good. Spicy pork sandwiches were quietly enjoyed by many.

But then owner Miles James decided that he wanted to make some noise and shut Dot's down in February for a two-week remodel that transformed the former lunch counter into a full-service restaurant.

With the aid of Walrus & the Carpenter alum Anna Wallace, he's produced something truly amazing.

Now open for both lunch and dinner, the renamed Dot's Charcuterie and Bistrot is blowing minds with incredible dishes.

All of the old favorites are still on the lunch menu (hello, spicy pork), but once the sun goes down the kitchen really has a chance to shine.

The duck cassoulet is possibly the best in town, with a gorgeous duck confit melding perfectly with Toulouse sausage and white beans. And the bacon-wrapped cod is phenomenal.

It's not a secret anymore, but keeping secrets is bad for you anyways.

Dot’s Charcuterie and Bistrot
4262 Fremont Ave N
(206) 687-7446

Price: 2 (out of 4)
Noise: 2 (out of 4)
Best bets: Cassoulet; bacon-wrapped cod; roast bone marrow
Nearby: The Sixgill; Add-A-Ball; Augustus

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