Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Beat Feet

Solestruck stops by for a pop-up footwear frenzy


Seattle's a tough place to find men's shoes. Sure, you can get the same old brands as everybody else, but sometimes you want to stretch your wings a little bit.

Leave it to Portland's legendary Solesupply to import a month's worth of pumped-up kicks, starting Saturday.

The fashion-forward retailer has been tricking out Rose City men and women with awesome shoes that are both traditional and seriously bonkers.

Their Seattle residency at Ballard furniture store Digs promises a carefully curated slice of their massive selection, including new treads from local heroes Grey City.

The opening night party is your chance to shop the more outre styles. After the 8th, the selection will be a bit more conventional.

Oh, and there's also champagne cocktails and goodie bags tomorrow night, if you needed another reason to go.

Or at least another reason to show off your best pair of socks.

Solestruck Pop-Up
Saturday March 8-Sunday April 6
2002 NW Market St, Ballard
(206) 457-5709

Nearby: Hazlewood; Billy Beach Sushi; Stoneburner

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