Thursday, January 29, 2015

Woof Woof

The Kennel Club Dog Show draws canine companions to the Clink


It's long been known that the absolute best pickup accessory is a dog.

A baby is second, but those can be a little harder to get.

So whether you're scouting a canine companion or simply looking for a non-canine companion, head down to the Clink this weekend for the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show.

More than 2,000 loyal dogs will be competing to be named Best In Show, so you'll get a very clear picture of just about every breed.

In addition, there are multiple events throughout both days, including agility runs, obedience trials and herding.

Probably the most absurd thing is the "Dog & Person Dance Demonstrations," where footloose trainers bust moves with their faithful hounds.

Last year's Best in Show was snatched by an Afghan hound, but it's an open field this time around.

Place your bets, we have.

Kennel Club Dog Show
Saturday-Sunday, March 8-9
CenturyLink Field Events Center
800 Occidental Ave S, SoDo
(206) 381-7555

Price: $14
Nearby:  Hooverville; Henry's Tavern; Seattle Pinball Museum

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