Tuesday, January 27, 2015

This Weekend

  • Chow Down: Meet The Makers

    Modernist Cuisine co-author Maxime Bilet hosts this evening of tastings from some of the area's top local purveyors.

    Little bites: Participants include Taylor Shellfish, Amavi Cellars, and Charles Walpole from Blind Pig Bistro.

    Fri 7p. Art For Food, 1001 Western Ave., Downtown (909-859-5864). $35 here.

    Nearby: The Bookstore; Zig Zag Cafe; Von's 1000 Spirits

  • Local Color: Sync Music Video Festival

    A one-time-only exhibition of the best new music videos by cutting-edge local heroes.

    I want my MTV: Seattle buzz bands like Don't Talk To The Cops, Cumulus, and Tennis Pro will be represented.

    Fri 7p. SIFF Film Center, 511 Queen Anne Ave. N., Queen Anne (206-464-5830). $15 here.

    Nearby: Citizen; Triumph Bar; Roaring Bowl

  • Plastic Fantastic: Killer Quack

    Dean Faiello was a New York con artist who posed as a dermatologist and killed a patient. This one-man show is by one of his victims.

    Face off: Storyteller James Judd actually met with Faiello in prison after his sentencing, with insane results.

    Fri-Sat 9p. Theatre Off Jackson, 409 7th Ave S., SoDo (206-464-5830). $15 here.

    Nearby: Maekawa Bar; Sake Nomi; Polar Bar

  • Street Legal: The Coup

    Oakland's most innovative and powerful rap group roll in for a can't-miss show to close out your weekend.

    Funny business: Not on board? Dig this video where Patton Oswalt acts out a track from their new LP.

    Sun 7:30p. The Vera Project, 305 Harrison St, Queen Anne (206-956-8372). $13 here.

    Nearby: Solo; Toulouse Petit; Mecca Cafe

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