Sunday, February 1, 2015

Dark Alleyways

Noir City makes Seattle into a dangerous place


Seattle is a born film noir town. We've got dark alleyways, beautiful women, amoral billionaires, and great booze.

While we're still in the dark of winter, celebrate the genre alongside noirchologist Eddie Muller, nicknamed the Czar of Noir for his tireless work in restoring and presenting the best in the genre by none other than crime novelist James Ellroy (The Black Dahlia, L.A. Confidential).

The theme of this year's four-day Noir City festival is "It's A Bitter Little World," featuring flicks from all over the world.

The festival starts with a free party on Wednesday night at Naked City Brewing, where Muller will be holding court and sharing behind-the-scenes trivia about his favorite films.

Opening night on Thursday offers a red carpet walk and a double feature of World War II-era flicks The Third Man and Journey Into Fear.

SIFF will be screening well-known classics (Rififi and The Hitch-hiker) alongside little-seen obscurities (Norwegian drama Death Is A Caress).

So grab a shot of whiskey, a mysterious briefcase, and an even more mysterious woman, then book your tickets.

Noir City
Thursday-Monday, February 13-17
SIFF Cinema
511 Queen Anne Ave. N., Queen Anne
(206) 464-5830

Register: here
Nearby: Toulouse Petit; Sully's; Mecca Café

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