Friday, January 30, 2015

Brain Games

Would you survive in a locked room with 10 strangers?


It sounds like a horror movie: You're trapped in a white room with 10 strangers.

You have no idea how to escape and even worse, you have one hour to figure it out.

But this is real life, and you paid money to be here. Meet Puzzle Break, the hottest new event in Seattle.

Based on a popular series of room escape games in the UK, the premise is simple. You and your cohorts are locked inside a nondescript room in a Capitol Hill studio.

Within minutes, oblique clues start to be delivered. From there, you're on your own. Follow the clues, solve the puzzles, and escape to glory. Fail, and be humiliated.

Don't kid yourself thinking this is easy. Of the groups that have gone through in previews, many didn't make it.

Almost more important than raw brain power is leadership. You need to work with your fellow prisoners to escape, and a disorganized group is bound to lose.

You've got until March 2nd to find out if you have what it takes.

Puzzle Break
Through March 2nd
1420 10th Ave, Studio D, Capitol Hill

Times: Fridays 7p, Sat-Sun 3p, 5p, 7p
Price: $30 here
Nearby: Needle and Thread; Tavern Law; Canon

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