Monday, January 26, 2015

The 12th Man at Home

Watch the Hawks crush the Broncos while throwing the ultimate party


If you aren't flying to Jersey to see Peyton's enormous neck and cranium in person, it's your responsibility as a true fan to throw the most epic Super Bowl party humanly possible. Here's how you're gonna do it.

Kegs from Georgetown Brewing
You're not drinking any mass-produced corporate beer on Sunday, pal. You're keeping it local, and Georgetown Brewing is about as close as you can get to the Clink. Their Lucille IPA is perfect for a tense game, packing powerful hops and a modest level of alcohol.
5200 Denver Ave S, Industrial District (206-766-8055)

Food from Caviar
Recently-launched startup Caviar is your one-stop shop for high-end food delivery, even on game day, and they're representing some of Seattle's best eateries. Get some oyster shooters and sashimi from Japonessa or Kahlua-braised pork sliders from Marination. Or both.
1400 1st Ave, Downtown (206-971-7979)

Wings from The Attic Alehouse
We don't have all day to argue about the best wings in Seattle, because everybody has an opinion. Ours is that nobody does classic Buffalo-style hots like the Attic in Madison Park. With the original Frank's recipe and a cooling housemade blue cheese dressing, these suckers will be picked apart in seconds.
4226 E Madison St, Madison Park (206-323-3131)

Donuts from Top Pot
Victory is sweet. Donuts are also sweet. You see where we're going with this? Top Pot will be baking white frosted Seahawks donuts with blue and green sprinkles like crazy all day Sunday, and they'll give you a serious sugar rush.
Multiple locations. (206-728-1986)

Cigars from Rain City Cigar
We'd never suggest you do something as unhealthy as smoking, but there's no more traditional way to celebrate a win (and that's what you'll be doing) than by firing up a stogie. If you're tobacco-averse, ring up Winterlife Co-Op, and get an ounce of sticky green instead.
5963 Corson Ave S #130, Georgetown (206-767-3619)

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