Thursday, January 29, 2015

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Top 5 meals to ignite the flames of romance with science


Whether aphrodisiacs really work is a hotly-contested subject.

Our opinion? They can't hurt, and they just might help.

And since they taste great anyway, go ahead and into these top 5 aphrodisiac dishes from Seattle's best restaurants on Valentine's Day.

5. Salmon, Shiro's
There are plenty of places to get fresh salmon, which is full of omega-3 fatty acids that keep your hormone levels high, in Seattle. But why not get it beautifully fresh and raw at Shiro's? Shiro Kashiba is a master with a knife, and the sheer sensuality of his nigiri will put you in the mood.
2401 2nd Ave, Belltown (206-443-9844)

4. X Rated Chocolate, The Pink Door
Phenylethylamine is the chemical in chocolate responsible for the measurable lift in mood it gives you. When mixed with peppermint Schnapps and a homemade pink peppermint marshmallow at the delectably hidden Pink Door, you've got a sweet treat that'll get you between the sheets.
1919 Post Alley, Downtown (206-443-3241)

3. Hot Chicken, Sichuanese Cuisine Restaurant
Spicy peppers get their kick from capsaicin, a chemical that's an irritant with some magical properties (no, you can't call your girlfriend Capsaicin the next time you're in a fight with her). It gets blood pumping and raises your body temperature. If you want to really bring the fire, order the hot chicken at this International District eatery and get sweaty with your girl.
1048 S Jackson St, International District (206-720-1690)

2. Libido Tincture, Percy's & Co.
This recently-opened Ballard bar offers herbal tinctures to spike their excellent cocktails, and we predict a run on their libido-enhancing addition, which uses organic herbs that promise enhanced circulation and virility. 
5233 Ballard Ave NW, Ballard (206-420-3750)

1. Oysters, Elliott's Oyster House
The mythology of the oyster's aphrodisiac properties was actually vindicated with a 2005 study that showed that, when harvested in the spring, they're rich in rare amino acids that stimulate the production of sex hormones. We're entering peak oyster season, and where better to shuck and swallow than Elliott's, right on the water?
1201 Alaskan Way, Downtown (206-623-4340)

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