Thursday, January 29, 2015

Suit & Tie

Own the boardroom after suiting up at Suitsupply


There's no denying that Seattle men can get a little too far on the casual end of "business casual."

But newly-opened Suitsupply downtown is fixing to change all that.

The Amsterdam-based fashion brand noticed that a large percentage of their U.S. orders were coming from Seattle, so they responded by going old-school and opening a brick and mortar store in the old Z Gallerie space.

Devotees rave about their jackets made from Piedmontese fabric, structured in the traditional way using cotton reinforced with camel hair for fit and flexibility.

In addition to perfectly-cut suits, they also sell shoes, coats, and accessories. Their pea coats are burly enough to handle our icy rain while still looking slick.

Best of all, there's the tailoring bar, ready and waiting to do any necessary alterations to your new look in minutes.

So drop the casual for a little bit. It's business time.

1331 5th Ave., Suite 213, Downtown
(206) 212-0100

Hours: Mon-Fri 10a-8p, Sat 10a-7p, Sun Noon-6p
Nearby: RN74; Alibi Room; White Horse Trading

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