Friday, January 30, 2015

Ice Ice Baby

Bavarian Icefest hits Leavenworth, and you will never be the same


We dodged the polar vortex, but that won't stop the folks in Leavenworth — that quirky pseudo-Bavarian village just past the pass — from bringing winter spirit with year's Icefest.

This annual event is a celebration of all things frosty, with dozens of unusual activities throughout the weekend. And because they're high up in the mountains, there's actually snow.

Bring your girlfriend. Say the words "frost yourself" from her favorite guilty pleasure movie, then leave the expectations of jewelry at home.

Expect white festivities like Saturday's construction of an enormous snow sculpture in Front Street Park. Resolving to work out more? There are plenty of races and contests throughout the weekend — just register at the gazebo starting at 9a.

And if watching pro snowboarders pulling sick tricks at the Downtown Rail Jam or groups of four strapped to 2x4s gliding down Front Street in a Nordic feat of balance isn't enough, we've got your jam:


Head out to Black Bird Island for a real bona fide dog sled ride, with local mushers bringing teams of huskies from all over to haul tail across the tundra.

Given her reaction, we'll follow up with a "how to care for your husky rescue dog" post later this month.

Bavarian Icefest
Saturday-Sunday, January 18-19
Leavenworth, WA
(509) 548-5807

Schedule: here

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