Thursday, January 29, 2015

Guild Master

Miller's Guild is the first great restaurant of the new year


Let's do this one by the numbers.

1: Chef Jason Wilson is the recipient of one James Beard award. So yeah. This guy can cook.

76: Wilson's latest restaurant, Miller's Guild, offers just 76 seats. You'll find it in the Hotel Max. Just look for the line. Or follow your nose.

76-1 = 75: Number of days your dry-aged steak (available as a bone-in New York or ribeye for two) patiently waited while you found the right date to dig into the best piece of meat in the city.

9: Your steak is finished on a custom-built 9-foot long wood-burning grill nicknamed the Inferno. When not searing that meat, Wilson and crew use the Inferno for shell-on Alaskan prawns with tangerine chili, and giant Pacific octopus bordelaise.

And if you didn't get enough at Christmas, the traditional mincemeat pie (which actually does include meat) is awesome.

To fund all this good stuff, Wilson turned to Kickstarter, bringing in $41,000 to pay for the aging room as well as the oak casks over the bar where they finish spirits for exceptional cocktails.

They're already gearing up for breakfast and lunch service too.

Steak and eggs here sure would be pretty special.

Miller's Guild
612 Stewart St, Downtown
(206) 443-3663

Price: 3 (out of 4)
Noise: 2 (out of 4)
Best bets: Lamb and pomegranate salad; bone-in ribeye; octopus Bordelaise
Nearby: Radiator Whiskey; Palace Kitchen; White Horse Trading Co.

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