Sunday, February 1, 2015

Bro Ballet

Pure Barre's hip new workout will whip you into shape


We've got plenty of exercise options in Seattle, from crossfit to MMA training. So why are we telling you to belly up to a ballet barre?

Because it's damn good for you, that's why.

Pure Barre is an hour of intense core training that will break down your muscles and build them back up long, lean, and strong.

Yes, classes are going to be primarily female, but is that so bad? A little extra motivation never hurt anyone. Especially here in Resolution Season.

And on that note, this ballet stuff will do the trick. No tutus here. Iron Man triathletes use it for cross training, and if you're looking to build muscle without bulk, this is one of the best ways to do it.

The Cap Hill location just opened this week, with four to seven classes a day. Single classes are $23 but you can get a punchcard to save in bulk.

The first class is free, so you literally have nothing to lose. If you dig it, you can try to do the Pure Barre Challenge. Grind through 50 classes in 60 days and get rewarded with free swag and the adulation of your peers.

You'll have beefed up like Baryshnikov and maybe even met your own black swan in the process.

Pure Barre
1222 E. Pine Street, Suite B, Capitol Hill
(206) 935-7873

Hours: Mon-Fri 6a-8p, Sat-Sun 8:30a-4p
Nearby: Tavern Law; Canon; Elysian Brewing

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