Sunday, February 1, 2015

Farm To (Your) Table

Übrlocal is your one-stop shop for fresh food


When you just need a friendly Seattleite to get you to your destination safely and quickly, you call Uber.

When you just need a friendly Seattlite to curate a taste of the Pacific Northwest's fantastic terroir with its vast variety of natural eats, you call ÜbrLocal.

This new startup matches small-scale food producers from within 10 miles of city limits with interested eaters who like to support more than just the Hawks.

That Uber-ific prefix hints at the process: browse the site, place your order, and pay with a credit card. Done.

While you can't stalk your driver like UberX, you will be able to enjoy offerings that change every week depending on what's being harvested. Right now, that means chanterelle mushrooms, organic eggs, and even goats.

The best thing about it is that you're not driving all around town to pick up your stuff. Once you place your order, either arrange a pick-up with your farmer or have them leave it at their Wallingford drop-off.

They're planning to open additional drop-offs around the city as the business grows, as well as expansions into meat and prepared food. 

Saving you a few stressful circles through the Whole Foods parking lot.

1815 N. 45th St, Wallingford

Nearby: Kate's; Moon Temple; Grizzled Wizard

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