Monday, January 26, 2015

Fly Ball

PF Flyers teams up with an iconic Seattle flannel brand


Say what you will about America's Pastime not keeping up with other sports on the excitement meter (#interminablylongplayoffgames), but there's one thing baseball does right: a classic, tailored uniform.

Picking up on this thread (sorry), iconic shoe brand PF Flyers teamed with Seattle-based throwback jersey maker Ebbet's Field for a new micro-collection, now available at the pop-up that just opened at Ebbet's Field HQ in Pioneer Square.

You can get these before the rest of the world. PF Flyers won't be selling these online until mid-November, and they're gonna go fast.

We like the swank classic canvas high-top with pin-striped flannel uppers and glove leather accents, with matching flannel baseball cap to complete the look.

Snag an authentic flannel jersey while you're there. These wool-blend recreations are comfortable and breathe far better than modern synthetics.

Though we haven't watched our team play this late in the year in quite some time, hope springs eternal in a Mariner's fan's heart.

Hey, you never know: With Eric Wedge out, you might be able to slip right in as manager if you're wearing these threads.

PF Flyers / Ebbet's Field Pop Shop
Until Sold Out
119 S. Jackson St., Pioneer Square

Hours: Monday-Friday 9a-5p, Saturday 10a-5p
Nearby: Bookstore Bar; Maekawa; Von's 1000 Spirits

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