Sunday, January 25, 2015

Once Upon a Time...

...there was a date night where a good book sealed the deal


It's a point of enduring shame that Seattle is only the second most literate city in the nation(Washington D.C. is first). We love books here, and we love people who love books.

So why not make a love connection over books? That's the premise of Movable Type, a cocktail mixer where you bring whatever book you're currently reading to the bar.

From there, you work the room, fielding questions about your book and prying into the pages of others.

Founder Amy Levenson is a pro at keeping the room flowing. She used to work in publishing and got the idea for Movable Type at a bar in Paris.

This is a sexy literary crowd, so bring conversational fodder like Johnathan Franzen's glasses, the youngest Booker Prize winner, or 50 Shades, the actor-less adaptation.

If you need a little liquid courage before bringing up Christian, the bar at Vermillion boasts a stellar selection of wine and cocktails.

Or do as authors do and head straight for the whiskey to soothe your troubled soul.

Movable Type
Wednesday, October 23
1508 11th Ave, Capitol Hill
(206) 709-9797

Price: Free
Nearby: Tavern Law; Pie Bar; Smith

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