Saturday, January 24, 2015

All Grows Up

A Seattle oyster palace turns 21, and brings the shots


Remember your 21st?

Of course not, we don't either.

Here's a second chance. Elliott's Oyster House is celebrating their 21st annual "Oyster New Year" party, and this one's going to be the shellfish event of the season.

As temperatures drop in advance of winter, cold currents from the North Pacific finish a generation of oysters, firming up their flesh and clarifying their flavor in time for this early November celebration. 

More than 30 different oyster varieties will be shucked, alongside clams, crabs, and a staggering assortment of other seafoods.

For the evening, the famous 150-foot bar will transform into an oyster luge, an undulating slide of ice that the chefs will use to shoot freshly-shelled bivalves down to you.

While you're at the bar, raise a glass. 75 wineries are providing bottles, with loads of local microbrewed beer served as well.

The birthday boy is also giving back to the community. All proceeds from the night go to the Puget Sound Restoration Fund, ensuring that we'll have awesome shellfish for generations to come.

And that's a present for all of us.

Elliott's 21 Run
Saturday, November 2
Elliott's Oyster House
1201 Alaskan Way, Downtown
(206) 623-4340

Price: $95 here
Nearby: The Triple Door; Shorty's; Alibi Room

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